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Raycus Laser acquires 51% stake in Gauss Lasers


Raycus Laser held the 11th meeting of the second board of directors in the form of a communication conference on June 5, 2019 at 10:00 am, and reviewed and approved the proposal of the company to acquire 51% equity of Gauss Lasers Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. At this point, Raycus Laser has become the controlling shareholder of Gauss Lasers Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gauss Lasers").


Gauss Lasers has a number of leading patented technologies, and has the ability to produce industrially stable high-power ultra-fast lasers. The overall technology is comprehensive and strong. Dr. Zhou Shi'an is the company's research and development leader and has led the R&D team to develop an all-fiber integrated high-power femtosecond laser with internationally leading technology.


Gauss Lasers wholly-owned by Gauss  Lasers Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., which was established on May 27, 2016, is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of laser devices, optical communication equipment, optical communication measuring instruments and accessories.


Through the acquisition of Gauss Lasers, Raycus Laser will realize the R&D, production and sales of ultrafast laser products, further expand Raycus laser's product line and customer base in the laser industry, optimize the company's industrial layout and enhance the company's overall competitive advantage. The acquisition is in line with the company's development strategy plan, which is conducive to enhancing the company's profitability and core competitiveness, and adding a promising new business to Raycus Laser.


Raycus laser’s products mainly is used on fiber laser cutitng machine and fiber laser marking machine. Its product covers 10W.20W,30W,50W or 100W fiber laser which is used on fiber laser marker and 500W,750W,1000W,2000W,3000W or others big power fiber laser which mainly is used on 1325 or 3015 fiber laser cutting equipments. 

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